Weathering the Storm

by millerinsurancebrokers

After the Storm

Yesterday’s events in Oklahoma remind us of how quickly life can change, that Mother Nature can do unbelievable damage and that there is no way to avoid being in the path of the storm. As my family watched the television coverage, my kids asked if it was possible for that kind of storm to hit us in Kincardine. That’s when we pulled out the tablet and started looking at photos from the F3 tornado that hit Goderich in August of 2011. Ontario has an average of 12 tornadoes a year. Most of them occur between the months of May and September and since they can strike anywhere in the province, the answer to their question was yes. It is scary at any age to think about your home being ripped apart, so we talked about the things that we could do to prepare ourselves for that kind of emergency. We went to the Ontario Government site listed here It’s an online tool that helps you create an Emergency Preparedness Action Plan for your household. It shows the number of Ontarian’s that have used the tool to create a plan. Fewer than 2,500 to date, out of over 13 million households in Ontario. As Insurance Brokers, we want to help prevent or minimize losses. We encourage you to take the time to create an emergency plan for your household. Talk about it with your family and make sure everyone knows what to do in the event. Build an emergency survival kit and sign up for public alerts to be emailed to you or text messaged to your phone. Download our insurance app ( ) and use it to keep your insurance information at your fingertips.
As we continue to learn, we can’t control when and where a storm will strike, but we can take some steps so we are ready to ride it out.